SAP HANA – Integration with Third Party Apps

HANA is also a powerful platform that easily integrates third party applications and data from other sources, such as social media and sensor readings, from the rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT). In today’s SAP environment, as much as 60% of applications supported by HANA are third party. The HANA platform enables on-the-fly business intelligence by quickly aggregating data from different sources and integrating it with SAP Business Suite, as well as third party tools.

The key to getting the most out of the SAP HANA architecture is to know why you are migrating. One of the big reasons many companies look to migrate is that it allows enterprises to integrate other cloud applications, such as Salesforce, Tableau, and more.

This complete-solution integration gives companies a single source of truth from manufacturing through to sales, with the business intelligence to see how the entire enterprise and each business unit are doing against KPIs. In addition, a key benefit for many companies comes from the productivity gains from adding Fiori. Fiori’s web interface is designed to make common tasks easier. It is easy to learn, which cuts training time and increases adoption and use rates.

However, to maximise the benefits to your business with SAP HANA requires the right hardware and setup. ISI have considerable expertise with SAP HANA and IBM Power Systems, the ideal platform for running SAP HANA.

As a Platinum IBM Business Partner, ISI have the expertise and experience to ensure any deployment of SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems delivers exceptional results.

IBM Power Systems is supported for Tailored Data Centre Integration (TDI) which gives you the flexibility to use storage and networking of choice and change configurations and have support from SAP – all while achieving lower TCA and TCO. This means that you can use nearly any IBM Power Systems for SAP HANA and reuse storage and networking already on hand.

IBM customers using SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems can expect remarkable results:

  • Flexible for changing demands: IBM Power Systems, the first platform to provide a supported environment for virtualized instances of SAP HANA, is capable of running up to 16 SAP HANA production VMs on one system. IBM has this virtualization capability without the restrictions of VMware and with the added benefit of an unprecedented 80 percent system utilization guarantee for enterprise class systems.
  • Resilient for continuous availability: Designed for up to 99.999%, Power Systems maximizes SAP HANA availability and provides the ability to pre-emptively migrate applications before failures occur using advanced self-monitoring and predictive failure alerts.
  • High-performance to accelerate insights: IBM Power Systems offers a 4X advantage in multi-threading and high-bandwidth memory compared to x86 offers larger environments (up to 64TB), all with fewer cores and outstanding performance. With Capacity on Demand, this future-proof system can grow along with your environment.

ISI have considerable expertise with SAP HANA and the level of complexity required to provide the hardware requirements your migration should be built on.

2025 may seem a long way off but migrating to SAP HANA requires considerable changes to not only your hardware, but also the way your databases are configured.

If you’re considering SAP HANA, there is never a better time to speak to ISI to get an understanding of what it can do for your business, what hardware is required for a migration and how it can be achieved simply and effectively.