Transform your workloads to cloud native for better collaboration
and access to data from modern toolsets and processes

A cloud-first strategy is now a common trait in government and large enterprises. However, cloud deployment and management expenditures
can be a big concern, especially when it comes to the costs of workload expansion as demand, performance and security requirements
increase. Integrating a mainframe platform as a core element for cloud native processes provides many collaborative benefits.

We can help you address key challenges that may include:

Lack of understanding in deploying
application modernisation processes

Standardising of security, data privacy,
protection, and regulatory compliance
across clouds

Skills gaps and lack of resources to
manage and deploy multi-cloud
management tools

Utilisation of storage solutions across
clouds (private, public, or hybrid)

Data movement overheads and security
exposures from multiple copies of data

Identifying networking complexities and
automation obstacles


More Than Meets The Eye: Analysing the challenge and impact of legacy systems on digital transformation

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What are your mainframe workload migration challenges?

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Our expert team is here to facilitate seamless and
secure integration of your onsite mainframe workload
to private, public, or hybrid clouds

We will empower your organisation to meet and exceed business transformation objectives via:

Cloud native

ISI can help you design, build, deploy and orchestrate cloud-based Z applications through an integrated process on a platform designed to be resilient and secure. We can deliver the integration of new applications and services with confidence by embracing open-source tools and containerisation


We can assist your organisation with automating processes and simplifying hybrid application development by leveraging your developers’ preferred open-source tools. This will enable straightforward, efficient development through an integrated enterprise CI/CD pipeline incorporating automated test and deployment processes

Cloud enablement with

We will empower your developers to enjoy the freedom to build and modernise services. You’ll be able to seamlessly integrate solutions and quickly develop new business applications that can be deployed onto the mainframe, or any cloud of your choice, making it possible to reduce your time to market for new applications

Business systems
services modernisation

Using cutting-edge systems automated conversion technology, we can deliver like-for-like functionality utilising more contemporary language environments such as C# or Java. As a result, once we help you transform your legacy application and database, your developers will be able to extend application functionality directly, without navigating older, unfamiliar code

Creating the right enterprise
storage strategy

We can help ensure your storage remains fast, reliable, and secure while also providing seamless cloud integration. ISI employs the latest generation of storage families designed to match mission-critical capabilities of the mainframe with connectivity to hybrid cloud environments, bringing massive capacity, data protection, and disaster recovery capabilities through to the cloud

How can we help securely integrate your mainframe
workload into the cloud?

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