SAP HANA – So Much More than a Database

Enabling the business of the future is an increasingly challenging task. It requires not just developing a next generation database, while also radically simplifying existing data infrastructure, combining transaction processing and analytics, seamlessly integrating third party applications, quickly gathering data from multiple sources, providing access to any device and doing all of this in a cost-effective way.

Designed from the ground up, HANA leverages the considerable advances in processor chip technology taking full advantage of memory and as many as 16 computers on a single chip. Data is stored and processed in memory, not on external drives, and in columns not rows.

The journey to SAP HANA can be a major transition. The decision of how you choose to implement it will impact your business for many years to come. IBM Power Systems hardware is built with SAP HANA in mind and is an ideal platform for big data workloads.

At ISI, our clients range across industries, geographies, company size and SAP HANA environment size. They all recognise IBM Power Systems as the preferred platform to provide flexibility without compromise.

IBM Power Systems platform offers strong resiliency and high availability for mission-critical SAP HANA workloads. Advanced self-monitoring and predictive failure capabilities help pre-emptively migrate applications before failures occur. IBM PowerVM virtualization capabilities further bolster availability—using a virtual machine (VM) as a failover target accelerates failover and minimizes interruptions.

Unlike on-premises deployments that require you to purchase capacity based on projected needs, IBM Cloud–based managed service enables you to scale up simply and incrementally, one terabyte at a time. Scaling back is just as simple.

For many of our clients, IBM Power Systems virtualized in the IBM Cloud gives them the agility to make changes rapidly. When you are ready to expand your environment, you can deploy a new partition—complete with the operating system, database software, up-to-date security patches and everything else you need—within a few hours. IBM Cloud also lets you tap into new, cutting-edge technologies. Use extensions to AI, IoT, cognitive and blockchain capabilities without having to work with an outside vendor.

ISI have considerable expertise with SAP HANA and the level of complexity required to provide the hardware requirements your migration should be built on.

2025 may seem a long way off but migrating to SAP HANA requires considerable changes to not only your hardware, but also the way your databases are configured.If you’re considering SAP HANA, there is never a better time to speak to ISI to get an understanding of what it can do for your business, what hardware is required for a migration and how it can be achieved simply and effectively.