Mainframes are critical for many companies across industries and must be functional and accessible at all times. However,
keeping the mainframe available is not enough. If your business activities rely on mainframe operations running smoothly, you
can’t compromise when it comes to response times.

But when it comes to mainframe management, many organisations
today face considerable challenges such as:

Increasing costs, particularly ongoing expenditure on software, hardware, facilities, and support

Availability of capacity to handle peak periods and unexpected demand

Lack of skilled mainframe resources

Exploding data and the increasing need to innovate due to growing consumer-driven demands for information



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ISI has been delivering comprehensive managed mainframe support to organisations across Australia since 2003

You can augment our unmatched specialist expertise to optimise your investment. Our predictable, volume-based pricing will allow the right cost structure for every business function. We are currently the only accredited IBM Z Series Software & Infrastructure Platinum Partner in ANZ, and we also maintain partnerships with other mainframe software vendors as well as SUSE, Red Hat, Microsoft, and AWS.

Through our Mainframe Managed Services, we offer complete
operating system and infrastructure management, ensuring your
platform’s software ecosystem is current, modern, efficient, and
supported. This includes:

Managed Services

Address the widening skills gap by utilising the practical knowledge of ISI’s mainframe subject matter experts who have years of hands-on experience in this particular area, gained working for Australian public and private sector organisations.

We offer a comprehensive onshore service of mainframe subject matter experts to mitigate the need to duplicate the limited and aging resources often found in smaller organisations. This model also allows our clients to access an extensive team with broad capabilities which they wouldn’t be able to do if partnering with a small-scale mainframe consultancy.

Secure operations and security
vetted support

ISI can help ensure the availability, stability, and capacity you need from your mainframe platform. We manage mainframe operation and support, including hosting, storage and disaster recovery. By offering significant flexibility in how we engage, we are able to provide our customers with a bespoke service that aligns with their business requirements while giving them access to a full team of ISI specialists

Take our cost, transfer risk
and enable optionality

We can show you how you can lower your capital investments while improving mainframe operations as well as optimising performance, capacity, security, and processing so that you can focus on running your business and not operational expenses. By taking advantage of our cost-effective, predictable, and scalable service model, you will be able to reduce both your OPEX and CAPEX

Application transformation

ISI provides a path for you to quickly move forward with your digital application transformation delivering the best of application and platform modernisation

Consulting services

In addition to our managed services, ISI offers a full range of accredited SME consulting services for application and platform modernisation and digital transformation, performance engineering, systems management, analytics, security and compliance, multi-cloud management and containerisation

How can we help manage and optimise your mainframe
for better performance?

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