Nothing has shaken up enterprise IT quite like SAP HANA. SAP HANA takes on the role of not only a database but also a platform and technology. Its unique speed enables quick access to useful data and Business Intelligence/real-time analytics, which is a significant competitive advantage. SAP HANA can transform and streamline businesses to keep up with the changing digital economy. Choosing to migrate can help your business increase productivity, flexibility and lower TCO.

The speed of SAP HANA creates systemic incremental benefits across your organisation. Everything from sales transactions to complex analytical applications run much quicker, boosting customer satisfaction and worker productivity. The speed of an SAP HANA cloud or installation also allows businesses to process data in real time; they can react based on up-to-the-second information, which means better decision making.

With SAP HANA, organisations can perform types of analysis that weren’t feasible on older systems. A complex organisation-wide analysis that might have taken hours or days on an older system can usually run in just minutes (or less) on SAP HANA.

However, to achieve the full benefit from a migration, the right hardware is a significant part of the SAP HANA TCO. ISI have considerable expertise with SAP HANA and IBM Power Systems, the ideal platform for running SAP HANA. IBM Power Systems simplifies and accelerates your SAP HANA deployments:

  • Up to 16 Production Logical Partitions (LPAR’s) on one physical server.
  • Accelerate Deployments with built in virtualisation designed for scaling capacity at the push of a button with granularity as little as 0.01 cores or 1 GB.
  • Scale affordably with 64 TB virtualisation scalability and up to 16 SAP HANA instances in single server
  • Maximise uptime with highest availability nonmainframe Linux platform for over a decade and live partition mobility for zero impact planned maintenance
  • Faster insights with 1.8 times more memory bandwidth than compared x86 infrastructure

If you’re considering SAP HANA, there is never a better time to speak to ISI to get an understanding of what it can do for your business, what hardware is required for a migration and how it can be achieved simply and effectively.