Migrate your workloads, modernise your applications, and build a
tailored IT infrastructure aligned with your unique business needs

Most of today’s organisations rely on a complex portfolio of infrastructure to support their business needs. In addition, the sheer amount of digital
content that needs to be stored, shared, and protected is increasing exponentially. This infrastructure portfolio must consider the risks associated
with sensitive data loss and unbearable scaling costs. Some of the most significant gains can be made by first optimising the use of your mainframe.

Infrastructure modernisation may include various challenges,
including in particular:

Complexity of existing infrastructure
increases the effort and risk

Stability issues that impact business

Workforce challenges, including skills
shortage within the next five years

Total cost of ownership that
consumes between 60-80% of
corporate IT budgets

Lack of speed and agility delaying
turnaround and release cycles

Difficult integration due to lack of
standardisation and incompatible

Regulatory requirements often dictate expeditious changes


2020 Mainframe Modernisation: Business Barometer Report

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We leverage over 30 years of our mainframe expertise to help
clients evaluate, rationalise, and streamline their legacy
modernisation to drive business agility and innovation

Our team can assess your mainframe environment against industry best practices, advising you on a roadmap to remediate.

Platform modernisation

We can assist you with updating your mainframe environment by adopting the latest features that will allow you to get the most from your infrastructure. Employing cutting-edge IT solutions, we can introduce you to platforms that have been designed to encrypt data, enable cloud native development, and provide a significant level of accessibility and stability so your workloads can run incessantly. Take advantage of modern technologies such as Containers, APIs and DevSecOps

Application modernisation

Modernising your mainframe applications begins with building a roadmap that will identify which applications qualify for a fully automated conversion to modern-day languages and databases. We are specialists in moving modules or applications to the mainframe using container-based solutions such as Kubernetes

Data access modernisation

At ISI, we understand that today’s businesses need actionable and timely insights from their most current data. We know that you can’t afford the time required to replicate and transform data. That’s why we leverage cutting-edge data management solutions to address the need for actionable insights from data in real-time and avoid the cost of the security exposures due to unnecessary data movement off the mainframe

DevOps chain modernisation

Every year, the pressure to develop, debug, test, release, and rapidly deploy applications continues to grow. Without embracing DevOps, you can’t quickly deliver software and respond to your company’s needs. ISI can help you better understand how to transform your operations by taking advantage of new DevOps processes and tools to build an agile and lean DevOps pipeline from modern source-code management. We will also support you by leveraging our expertise in environment provisioning and artifact deployment

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