SAP HANA – The Business of the Future

The digital economy is driving a fast-changing business and big data is at the centre of this wave of transformations. Extracting relevant business intelligence from the vast array of data collected and stored is becoming the competitive advantage.

Consider the sensitive regulatory climate over data, privacy and compliance also puts increasing pressure on organisations to digitally transform their systems and avoid disruptions or face obsolescence.

SAP HANA provides business intelligence at your fingertips instantly, anywhere and on any device. Drive strategy, guide expansion, and improve decision making through effective data delivered all in real time.  While it is an incredibly fast, in-memory database, designed from the ground up, HANA was designed to enable businesses to use data and next generation ERP tools to be more productive and agile, while lowering the total cost gathering, storing, maintaining, accessing and analysing enormous amounts of nonstop data.

To fully benefit from SAP HANA in on-premise application deployments, it is critical that you choose the right hardware on which the SAP HANA database runs — otherwise, you risk poor system performance and end-to-end system response times.

SAP HANA is fully supported on IBM Power Systems, IBM’s leading platform for big data, delivering the same enterprise-grade attributes that the industry expects from Power Systems: flexibility, resiliency and performance. This comes to a market that has been limited to only one platform, x86, and very strict configuration choices.

As Platinum IBM Business Partners, ISI have the expertise and experience to ensure any deployment of SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems delivers exceptional results:

  • Flexible for changing demands: IBM Power Systems, the first platform to provide a supported environment for virtualized instances of SAP HANA, is capable of running up to 16 SAP HANA production VMs on one system. IBM has this virtualization capability without the restrictions of VMware and with the added benefit of an unprecedented 80 percent system utilization guarantee for enterprise class systems.
  • Resilient for continuous availability: Designed for up to 99.999%, Power Systems maximizes SAP HANA availability and provides the ability to pre-emptively migrate applications before failures occur using advanced self-monitoring and predictive failure alerts.
  • High-performance to accelerate insights: IBM Power Systems offers a 4X advantage in multi-threading and high-bandwidth memory compared to x86 offers larger environments (up to 64TB), all with fewer cores and outstanding performance. With Capacity on Demand, this future-proof system can grow along with your environment.

ISI have considerable expertise with SAP HANA and the level of complexity required to provide the hardware requirements your migration should be built on.

2025 may seem a long way off but migrating to SAP HANA requires considerable changes to not only your hardware, but also the way your databases are configured.

If you’re considering SAP HANA, there is never a better time to speak to ISI to get an understanding of what it can do for your business, what hardware is required for a migration and how it can be achieved simply and effectively.