Why the IBM Mainframe is the Right Place for Enterprise Systems of Engagement and Insight

McDonald’s created the Big Mac® in 1967, an icon with which almost everyone is familiar. It rises vertically in a stack, which makes it a good metaphor for another icon, the IBM mainframe, born just a little earlier (announced in 1964 and first delivered in 1966). Both have a “special sauce.” Both are icons with which many folks may have strong opinions, both good and otherwise. While McDonald’s Big Mac (the burger) hasn’t changed much from its origins, the IBM mainframe has evolved continuously over the last five decades. With the January 2015 announcement of the next generation of mainframe, the IBM z131, IBM has created its own “Big MAC”. MAC stands for Mobility, Analytics and Cloud.2 Read on and I will explain why you just might want an IBM Big MAC and why MAC on any IBM mainframe should be on your menu this year.

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