z13 ISI IBM big data

The Need for Speed in the Application Economy

Software applications have built entire business empires, such as Atlassian, and multi-million dollar fortunes, like the founders of Rovio Entertainment. This application economy is the result of business activity related to applications, such the sale of apps, ad revenue, or the goodwill generated by free apps. A big part in the future of business is applications and the data contained within. Organisations using the best available hardware to support and develop their apps are sure to have a competitive edge of the competition.

Mobile applications deeply affect our daily lives and shape everything from how we calculate our retirement to how we’ll get to work every morning. In 2007, virtual no apps were in circulation, but today, the Apple app store has more than 1.5 million apps. Ignoring the application economy puts a business at risk of being left behind.

Speed kills in 2016 and beyond

As more and more people turn to their smartphone to handle their shopping and research, faster and smoother customer experience will become a key factor in creating brand loyalty. IT departments will need to constantly evolve their hardware to keep up with this increased demand. The z13 IBM Server was specifically designed with the explosive growth of mobile in mind, particularly online transaction processing. For example, when someone buys on a smartphone app, it triggers multiple behind-the-scenes transactions, such as credit card approvals, inventory and billing systems. The z13 can handle 2.5 billion transactions per day, IBM claims.

Further, the new processor in the z13 can handle simultaneous multi-threading, previously offered on x86 chips and IBM Power processors. Multi-threading allows a processor to execute two instructions on each clock cycle, meaning it can handle more than single-threaded processors. With the amount of information about to load up company’s servers, handling more instructions per cycle will become more important than ever before.

Big data and analytics vital to success

Aside from being one of the most overused buzzwords in business today, big data and analytics will help companies leapfrog the competition depending on how well they analyse their information and deploy it as part of a wider business strategy. Data-driven strategies will push innovation and more relevant products for consumers. For example, pharmaceutical companies can create more comprehensive lists of the benefits and risks of their products through online customer feedback, compared to the clinical trials of old.

With so much data and competition, real-time analytics is becoming more and more important to a business’ success. The z13 has SIMD (single instruction, multiple data) support, which should help speed up the server’s analytics capabilities. While Linux-based platforms will receive a boost from in-memory database technology DB2 BLU, which is better able to streamline the work involved in processing queries.

In this data and analytics environment, a catastrophic loss of data could threaten the very livelihood of a business. Data recovery and high availability are becoming more and more important to server rooms. The z13 has updated its “Multiplatform Resiliency for z Systems” to accommodate enterprises running Linux servers, meaning all server now have less downtime and better disaster recovery times.

As the need for data and application management increases, and the burden on company servers increases, businesses will need the best possible servers available to handle consumer demands and analytics.