ISI appointed to IBM’s Global Storage Specialty Programme

ISI is pleased to announce our recent appointment to IBM’s Global Storage Specialty Programme. This introduces ISI into an elite group of worldwide Business Partners who meet IBM’s stringent criteria of having advanced skills and capabilities in representing and deploying storage solutions for customers.

In recent times ISI was responsible for the first deployment of enterprise class FLASH systems on the ‘top of the line’ DS8000 storage modality at Repco Auto Parts in Melbourne and more recently deployed a host of new storage infrastructure within Spotless Group’s diverse mid-range architecture. ISI’s Adrian Tan played a key role in architecting and deploying these solutions and commented that ..’its easy to deploy strong, high value technology when you are working with great customers who define and support the process’. ISI has a strong team of storage professionals available to assist with deployments, optimisation or total management of storage.

One thought on “ISI appointed to IBM’s Global Storage Specialty Programme

  1. Very interesting. Let’s call it: The peasnorl mainframe era .I’m not entirely sure that the hardware for this would necessarily have to physically sit in your home, but I do agree with the vision that every user will have vast peasnorl storage space and computing power that he feels (and is) in full control over.In order for a single player to dominate this era, I guess it would have to be an early mover in the field that would get into a dominating situation before standards for peasnorl mainframe solutions would arise.( this one really got the brain going )

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