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Ever Shifting Sands: The Role of the CIO

For the most part today, technology is the key driver in identifying operational efficiencies and providing more accurate and timely information to those that need it to make often times difficult business decisions. Often times this technology driven operational efficiency remit falls with the CTO, so CIOs need to go beyond the mere technology implications of change and become more responsible for the growth of their business through digital innovation.

One of the biggest areas of focus for the modern enterprise is how to create truly personalised interaction experiences with your brand and company for your customers. It’s an area that small, nimble startups often have an edge in, not having complex legacy infrastructures or huge data warehouses, but it’s no secret that customers of any description (B2B, B2C) are looking for a truly unique and personalised interaction that saves them time and makes them feel valued.

Some of the ways companies are doing this today:

  • Using Big Data & Analytics to develop customer profiles based on behavioural patterns (both online and offline), and determining what they want from you and how they prefer to be contacted (email, popup chat, SMS, phone call). So while a lot of focus in Enterprise IT has been placed on capturing and storing Big Data, true innovation comes from mining that data for insights and developing useful and even monetisable customer products from the insight.
  • Using mobile apps to foster brand loyalty. Mobile apps can be a battle for screen share, but a customer with a branded app on their phone is more likely to use that than enter a URL or commit to a search on a phone to find the information they need. Businesses can then use that app as an outpost on the consumer’s phone sending personalised offers and promotions to that person based on their profile. Businesses can then build context around a customer’s mobile experience and start providing them with even better predictive assistance based on their behaviour.

Are you a CIO, CTO or CMO? We’d love to hear from you and how your roles are changing and working more closely together as technology enablement becomes ubiquitous. What are your lessons learned?