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The IBM System Z is the most powerful and scalable high performance commercial computing platform in the world, and has been for the past 50 years. With more the 90% of the world’s largest corporations relying on legendary ‘mainframe’ processors for their critical transaction processing and database strategies the System Z remains the most scalable and robust, high intensity computing platform available – additionally, and most importantly, from a reliability perspective it is unequalled with its current Mean Time Between Failure surpassing 40 years.

As a direct consequence of an R&D investment of more than $1billion the new z14 takes information security to another level by ensuring that all transactions running through the system are 100% encrypted – without overhead, additional software or modifications at the Application level. This feature delivers you, the senior executive, with an incredible level of comfort and security when considering the threat and consequences of cybercrime or data loss at your organisation. With end to end encryption you simply sleep better.

ISI and IBM can provide you with a detailed briefing on the z14 and advise how this technology is both secure and economical when it comes to your Open Systems strategies and your zOS specific workloads.

The IBM z14 series runs the world famous zOS Operating System as well as large scale LINUX environments. This is serious computing power and features for serious businesses.

ISI have the skills, people and subject matter expertise to guide you through the process of evaluating the fit of the System Z platform for your world. We have the secret to making complexity simple: we will conduct a no obligation Total Cost of Ownership study for any qualified business to show how over 25 years of local experience can be applied to meet your business growth objectives and reduce IT costs.

In the distributed systems arena ISI offers broad architectural and systems solutions. As a long term Partner of IBM we deliver specialty expertise in the area of Enterprise Storage starting at the top with the IBM DS8000 range and encompassing all levels of the ‘Power’ and ‘I-series’ processing range.

Storage Solutions

As data management requirements have exploded, ISI has expanded its infrastructure offerings in the storage area to address the traditional number of copies and costs associated with data storage, management, backup and retrieval.

We offer the full suite of IBM storage products from ‘best of breed’ infrastructure platforms to architectural solutions such as Tivoli, IDAA & Netezza. Additionally, we also have unique relationships with new technology players such as Actifio that can be leveraged to your advantage.

Actifio addresses growth and back up challenges with a unique software-based approach. By virtualising primary copies of data for alternative use, Actifio dramatically reduces storage costs whilst enhancing operational functions including eliminating the challenge of diminishing back up windows.

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We will conduct a no obligation Total Cost of Ownership study for any qualified business.